Sports Injury

Sports Injuries: Chiropractic Therapy for Sports Injury

Chiropractic Therapy for Sports Injury

When it comes to maintaining healthy lifestyle physical activity and exercise are must. However, when you engage in strenuous physical activity there is always the risk of damaging the soft tissue. It can also lead to bone injuries. So, how can you deal with such injuries? Well, the causes and nature of the injury are what determines the mode of therapy that you need. If we are talking about traumatic injuries, then you might need medical or surgical therapy to deal with it. However, when it comes to most sports injuries, we are talking about minor injuries like muscle pulls, minor sprains, ligament injuries, etc. And these can be perfectly handled with the help of a San Antonio Chiropractor. Chiropractic therapy can improve blood circulation and that will speed up the recovery process. That’s exactly why chiropractic doctors are an integral part of sports teams all over the world.

Common Sports Injuries

Let’s take a look at some of the common sports injuries. In all the cases of these injuries, chiropractic therapy is very helpful.

Abrasions – This is one of the most superficial sports injuries out there. Also, it is one of the most common injuries as well.
Ankle Sprain – This is also one of the common sports injuries. This can always happen if athletes start vigorous physical activity without doing warm up exercises.
Tearing Of Ligaments – This is another common sports injury. This injury can limit your movements when it comes to your knees. It attacks the knee joint. When such an injury happens, the career of an athlete or sports person might be affected.
Hamstring Pull – If you are a runner or involved in a sport with lots of running, you will be subjected to this injury. Well, the degree of the injury can vary from person to person.
Bone Fractures – This is another common injury faced by sports persons. When it comes to athletes, bone fracture is a common story. In most cases, they require surgery for stabilization. They also take the help of splinting and other modes of care.

Common Sports Injuries list found on American Chiropractic Association website:

Stopping immediately when you feel pain will help you avoid the most common sports injuries. These include:
SPRAINS AND STRAINS The most common injuries from sports activities include damage to the muscles, tendons and ligaments. An acute twisting or overextension of a joint can lead to muscle or tendon tears called strains, and tears of ligaments called sprains. You can overuse your joints resulting in erosion of the cartilage in that joint.
TENDINOSIS Too much exercise and repetitive motion of a joint can result in pain and dysfunction. These injuries are called overuse syndromes. This is also called tendinitis as the tendon becomes inflamed from overuse.
STRESS FRACTURES Some athletes may experience stress fractures, which occurs when an abnormal amount of stress is placed on a bone. Stress fractures can occur from not building up your running time slowly, for example.
SHIN SPLINTS This type of overuse injury results in microfractures of the shin bone on the front of the lower part of the leg. It is most often seen in runners although other athletes can be affected.

Chiropractic Therapy and Sports Injuries

How do athletes deal with such injuries? Most of the athletes avoid surgery as much as possible. They also say no to interventive medicines for lots of reasons. When they opt for such medicines, it can delay the healing process and this can be detrimental to their career. This can also affect their performance on the field. It can affect their form as well. Damage to a major or minor nerve is also possible. And athletes fear prolonged disability as well. If you are able to do regular chiropractic therapy you will be able to deal with most of these injuries. Chiropractic therapy will help the sports athlete tremendously even when there is no injury. The flexibility of the joints and muscles will be improved tremendously as a result. Overall fitness levels also will get improved as a result. Also, when it comes to chiropractic therapy, it is suitable for everyone irrespective of age group. Most of the common sports injuries can be effectively treated with the help of chiropractic therapy.

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