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There is no doubt that as one gets older, the chances of suffering from back pain increase considerably. Let’s face it – when you have a body that is fifty or sixty years old, it has had all those years of wear and tear. Walking, running, playing sports, gardening, having sex, even just standing at the stove cooking, all put wear on our bodies, and – most importantly – on the main set of bones that keeps us upright, our spines.

When you stop to consider the amount of punishment we have given our spines over that many years, it is hardly surprising that they can wear down and cause us pain. If you think about it, you probably change your car every two or three years, and after ten you probably consign it to the scrap heap. Yet your body has been going five or six times as long as that, and you expect it to work perfectly.

There comes a point where you wake up one morning and realize the truth: it ain’t gonna happen! Sad, but true.

However, there are still several things that you can do to ward off the inevitable. In the 21st century, many of us – baby boomers now included – sit hunched over a laptop for hours on end surfing the net, chatting on Facebook or Twitter, and generally living a much more sedentary life than even twenty years ago. Our posture, is something that we never give a thought to, yet, as any San Antonio chiropractor will tell you, is critical if you want to avoid, or at the very least reduce, the chances of neck and back pain when you get to your fifties or sixties.

No less than 51% of people aged 50 or over now find that they are suffering with some form of back or neck pain, according to a recent survey. Yet, the sad thing is that a lot of this could be avoided. Even if you have never done so before, it’s time to take up some form of gentle exercise. This will keep the muscles moving and help them grow stronger, and will make you feel fitter all round.

Something such as golf is a gentle exercise, yet involves quite a lot of walking, which is exercise in itself. Millions of people all over the world also find it a lot of fun.

It is certainly not suggested that you take up a very strenuous sport such as squash, since that is a really fast game that most players will have given up by their early forties.

However, getting some exercise, and getting away from the constant back-breaking strain of staring over a laptop or tablet, will help to keep those muscles moving, rather than letting them get – almost literally – set in their ways, and causing you pain as a result.

Whenever you find back or neck pain coming on, you should seek the services of a registered San Antonio chiropractor. Southside Spinal Care is a top chiropractic clinic registered in San Antonio which can treat almost all spinal problems, with the result that you will quickly be free from the draining pain that they can cause. If you remember what your life was like before you suffered from neck or back pain, you will be delighted to learn that you can achieve a much better quality of life once more. All it takes is a simple phone call.

Alternatively, you can use the Contact Us form and let us give you an initial assessment, so that you can be pain free again.

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