The wise choice for Lower back pain treatment

The lower part of the body bears the weight of the upper part of the body, and the spine the central point of this weight bearing mechanism.  The spine is made up of vertebrae or small bones joined one on top of the other with the disc or the lubricant between them acting as shock absorbers.  Degeneration of the disc due to aging or tearing or herniated disc due to injury become the major cause for stress on the lower back and results in chronic low back pain. Most of the times the suffering becomes so acute that day to day activities become a heavy chore. The mind is constantly made to be aware of the pain alone to the detriment of anything that may be considered progressive to our lives. This herniated disc puts pressure on the nerves that carry the message to the brain and so it results in excruciating pain that spreads down the buttocks to the legs, and this pain is called sciatica. Almost 47% of adults in the US suffer some form of lower back pain.

Specialized treatment for low back pain

As an initial first aid for low back pain the patient may try to get relief through the following methods

  • Cold or hot compress
  • Complete rest to the spine
  • Over the counter medicines to reduce pain
  • Spine specific relaxing exercises

If these are not sufficient and the pain remains constant then seeking the advice of a medical practitioner remains the only option.

Doctors conduct the orthopedic and neurological tests on the patients and then refer them to therapies like mechanical traction or ultrasound, or hot or cold compress or EMS (electro muscle stimulation) to relieve the pain and muscle spasms.

Chiropractic therapy is another non conventional form of treatment that has gained popularity. These specialists use chiropractic spinal adjustment and chiropractic mobilization to help the patient go beyond pain and regain the normal functionality. Realignment of musculoskeletal system through manipulation is the core of this form of treatment.

There are other non conventional treatments like acupuncture and acupressure whereby through manipulation of the pressure points the specialists realign the life spirit called ‘qi’ (in Chinese) within the body. This form of treatment has also proven effective for some people.

Surgery is the last option taken by patients who find no relief with the above mentioned forms of treatment. Surgery to relieve low back pain has its own risks.


This is the most important point to be noted and followed by people who have undergone treatment for low back pain. Having spent quite a lot of their money and time to regain health, it is vital that they take aftercare seriously. Regular exercising, work- life balance is the area which they have to pay special attention in order to capitalize on their return to normal life free from the chronic pain. It is wise to periodically take the advice of their doctors for the upkeep of their health. That is the reason why healthcare providers suggest regular medical checkup, particularly for adults beyond 40yrs.

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